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Diving in Naxos

The beautiful clean Greek seas are a magnet for those seeking the thrill of underwater exploration. The rich natural beauty of Naxos means that you can indulge in diving excursions, and you are given the opportunity to explore the beautiful seabed of the island and discover an alive underwater world.

Below you can see information about some of the diving centers that operate in Naxos.


Naxos Diving - Naxos
Apiranthos, Naxos - Cyclades Islands, Greece

Mobile Mob: ( + 30 ) 6972 374333
Website More information about Naxos Diving - Naxos

Scuba Diving Center - Naxos
Agios Prokopios, Naxos - Cyclades Islands, Greece

Telephone Tel: ( + 30 ) 22850 42629
Mobile Mob: ( + 30 ) 6937 161226
Website More information about Scuba Diving Center - Naxos